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About The Artist

A folk artist from Cheshire, Chris draws his influence from his own observations of wildlife as well as the early decoys and folk art of North America, coupled with a strong belief in the simplicity of line, form and colour he creates original designs which are both contemporary and ageless.


A working artist for over twenty years, Chris has shown his carvings at the most prestigious wildlife art exhibitions in the UK which include, The Wildlife Artist of the Year, The National Exhibition of Wildlife Art, The Society of Wildlife Artists annual show, and has been selected to show at Birds in Art in the USA.  


Throughout his carving career Chris has won, and continues to win, numerous awards for his wooden art, mostly for innovation and design. The main awards he as won are, The Birds Illustrated Award, The Birds-Birds-Birds Gallery Award and The Arcadia Award, all sponsored by companies and individuals who, among others, give their support to Wildlife art shows, exhibitions and artists.



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